What is MAE?

Hello! My name is Michelle Adams, and I am a freelance editor that works with both fiction and nonfiction authors to help them create (and hopefully publish) the story of their dreams.

My editing business is founded on the idea that you—the author—should be at the forefront of the editing process. That’s why all of my edits are collaborative efforts.

Say goodbye to sending off your manuscript, waiting a month, and then getting it back covered in red ink and content changes! I leave lengthy, constructive comments and tracked changes that you can choose to accept or deny. Although I will edit your piece with the full understanding of what sells in the publishing industry, as well as English grammar and mechanics, in mind, I understand that writing is a subjective art—so I work with you to allow your creativity to shine.

My mission is simple: help you create (and hopefully publish) the story of your dreams.



I provide a variety of services to authors, writers, and companies, including developmental editing, copyeditingfact-checkingproofreading, and more.

Here is a rundown of all the services offered by MAE:

Developmental Edit (Fiction)/Fact Check (Nonfiction)

A developmental edit (also known as a line edit) takes place earlier in the writing process, and refers to providing comments toward the development and flow of the story, including discussing major themes, inconsistencies, character development, plot structure, tone, etc. It does not involve correcting grammar, punctuation, spelling, syntax, etc.

In nonfiction, it also involves the verification of your facts and an examination into your sources.

This type of editing is highly subjective, and will be performed via comments on the side of the manuscript, rather than me directly changing the content. This allows you and I to work together to create the book in your vision, not mine. Developmental editing is a collaborative effort that should involve extensive communication between us both.

If you would like me to make changes directly into your manuscript, this will be referred to as a “rewrite” and results in additional charge.


A copyedit takes place later in the writing process, and refers to correcting grammar, punctuation, spelling, syntax, etc. It does not involve the plot or content of the manuscript.

proofread is the latest stage of editing, when your manuscript is almost ready for publication. It’s a cheap, simple once-over of your work for grammar, spelling, and mechanics.

I am able to complete any or all of these with your manuscript. Simply let me know what you’re looking for when you ask for a quote.

Still have questions? Visit the official FAQ page for more information.